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We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym: Northtowns Proudly Presents… Social Skill Superstars!

We Rock The Spectrum Kids Gym: Northtowns:

Social Skill Superstars in the Making!

Tuesday nights at 6 o’clock have officially become the night for our “Social Skill Superstars” to shine! This class gives children ages 4-9, the opportunity to learn new social skills and practice these newly learned skills with their peers! The practice and usage of Social Skills are a very important part of a child’s development. Our Social Skills class provides children the practice that they need to succeed! Some Social Skills that we have been working on in class are “Listening,” “Having a Conversation,” and “Being a Good Sport.”

How does the class work?

The format of the class currently consists of 20 minutes of Social Skill lesson, in which, the teacher leads the children through a structured lesson (the skill changes each week). The Social Skill lessons provide the children with opportunities to define the skill in an easy to understand way, watch the teacher model the skill, and have the opportunity to practice role-playing the skill with their peers! Peer interaction is key during our 45-60 minute class. The teacher provides many opportunities for our Superstars to interact with each other- related to the newly learned skill! After the lesson, our Superstars are led through a cooperative activity or craft where they are given the opportunity to practice their newly learned skills! Most recently, our Superstars were taught the skill of “Asking for Help” and then participated in a cooperative craft where they made their own “Social Mobiles.” The craft activity allows for the children to practice the skills that they have been learning within class. At the end of class, our Superstars review their “Exit Ticket” with the teacher, showing if they earned a sticker reward for the class. The teacher and Superstars discuss what they did well in class and what they could work on for next time! Providing this behavioral support allows for the class to run more smoothly, and for the children to have responsibility in how they participate in class.

Who teaches the class?

Our Social Skill Superstars class is led by Miss Ashley, a University at Buffalo- School Psychologist in training! Miss Ashley has been trained in social skill instruction through the Canisius College- Institute for Autism Research as well as her Graduate program at the University at Buffalo. Families interested in joining the Social Skills Superstars class may email Miss Ashley at for more information! A 4-week class package is $48 dollars and includes an hour of Free Open Play prior to the start of class!